How to get Banned
Random Death Matching
Committing Douche Baggery
Spamming Text Chat
Mic Spamming
Lying In RDM Reports
Any form of Abuse
Lacking of Common Sense
Asking For Free Stuff
Testing Before 2 Minutes Have Passed
Having Fun
Playing Within The Rules
Helping New Players
Trying Rarely Used Items, Like The Radio
Assistance in Finding Addon Bugs
Being Active
Server Location: Chicago, IL
Note: This server is still a work in progress. There will be bugs, and content is always being added.


Pointshop 2 (Access by pressing F3).

Donator Crates. Crates are 500 points each, and keys are 100 Premium Points each. ($1.00 donation.)

More Radio Sounds


Edited Scoreboard For Ranks

End Round Music via cMusic. Press F7 to buy a music kit. Music kits cost 250 Premium Points. ($2.50 donation.)

Donator Rank

Edited Weapons/Items


Discord. Type !discord In Chat For The Link!


Gimpy: $30.00

MajestyCaleb: $17.00

Sly Cooper: $5.00

Sasquatchan: $5.00

The Ice Wolf: $1.00

Server Operators
Validating Workshop Collection ...

How to become an Admin

Help ccrusher1 find & resolve bugs in the server, or help him make new content for the server. We are looking for staff that can actually add to the server, and help it grow. Age requirement for staff ranks is 18+ with few exceptions. No "Can I haz adminz plzzz".

About The Server

This is a server run by the former Voltage Gaming TTT Server manager, ccrusher1. His previous server was a 52 person TTT server, which was consistantly filled and had many addons to customize the experience. While this server is only a shell of his former work, it continues to grow every day. Feel free to join us and watch the server grow, and remember to have fun and play within the rules!