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No thumbs allowed
« on: October 28, 2017, 09:59:04 PM »
Discord ID:

How Long Have You Played On The Server (Use
34 hours
Previous Staff Experience:
Several Minecraft servers, several discord and Teamspeak 3 servers,
What Makes You A Good Fit For The Server:
That cash money
Timmy shoots Tom in the face with a deagle as a Traitor. Billy calls out that Sally shot Tom, so Mike shoots Sally. Sally makes an RDM report. How would you handle this: Depends, why did billy call out Sally, most likely Id put the slay on Billy for false KOS

How Do You Open RDM Manager:
f8 is damage logs. !report ?
No Using Google. How Do You Make A Timer In Lua That Counts Down From 120 Seconds (If Unknown, Please Skip):
No i dont
Have Do Make 3D Models/Maps:
Umm not for a gaming purpose
Have You Ever Used PAC3:

Have You Ever Used Audacity Or A Similar Program: